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Montana Meet Sanctioning Information

Planning to host a Meet ?
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Check out the "how-to" information here:
Instructions for hosting a regular sanctioned meet :

  1. Step 1: Get your meet sanctioned by MT Swimming
    Please submit both the proposed Meet Contract and one of the completed forms below to Tony Popp, the Montana Swimming General Chair.  Once sanctioned, your contract will be returned with a sanction number.  At that point you are set to publish your Meet Contract.  You should email the completed forms to Tony @

    Please use the following checklist to make sure that all necessary information is included in your meet contract. MEET Contract Checklist - MSWORD - PDF.

    1. Meet Contract  Meet Contract Template - MSWORD - PDF

    2. AND
    3. Meet Sanction Form ( Word file / PDF file )

    4. OR
    5. Meet Approval Form (Form F) Word file / PDF file

    6. OR

    7. Observed non-championship Swim Meet Form Word file / PDF file

    8. or

    9. Observed Championship Swim Meet Form Word file / PDF file

    10. A list of current Certified pools for the purpose of National record setting can be found by clicking Here.


  2. Step 2: Once all your swimmers entries are entered the week of the meet, you need to send a SD3 file to the registration chair Lanni Jacobson so that she can check and make sure that all swimmers are currently registered. 
  3. Have a great meet.
  4. Step 3: Once meet is finished, compile your Meet Financial Report
    1. This Form should be filed within 45 days of the completion of the meet.
      Meet Financial Report (updated 10/9/2015) Word   PDF 
      Send this report to Tony Popp and a copy to Craig Smith. Contact information for Tony and Craig can be found below.



USA Swimming Sanction Appeal Process:

USA Swimming is pleased to announce the launch of the Zone Sanction Appeal Process, approved by the 2013 House of Delegates for implementation in January 2015.


For the first time, there is an appeal procedure for a meet host who believes it should be granted the right to host a USA Swimming-sanctioned event. The opportunity now exists to appeal an LSC-denied sanction decision to a Zone Sanction Appeal Panel (ZSAP). While all meet hosts have the right to submit an appeal, every effort should be made to resolve the conflict at the LSC level before the meet host initiates an appeal.


The  handbook below outlines how the process works, the authority of the LSC and the Zone Sanction Appeal Panel, and the procedure for initiating an appeal. The Appeal process goes into effect immediately and is available for all sanction denials since January 1, 2015.

USA Swimming Sanction Process Appeal Handbook

For Officials wishing to to be assingned duties at a State meet:

Officials Request for Assigned Position Form - ( DOC - PDF)



If Your club desires to bid to host a MONTANA SANCTIONED STATE MEET
LC State - SC State - BC Championship - Senior Championship
Your club must submit a MT State Meet Bid Form ( DOC - PDF ) prior to the appropriate HOD Meeting at which the bids for that meet will be discussed and host clubs decided. (Spring HOD Meeting determines SC State & BC Meet, Fall HOD Meeting determines LC State)

When you are filling out these forms there are a few things you need to know. This process similar to the process cities follow to get Basketball and other sporting events to their towns. Our hope is that the meets will have a zero cost to Montana Swimming other than the $2500.00 fee that Montana Swimming would pay the host club and the cost of the awards. We are basically hoping that the host team will be able to get sponsors to at least cover the pool costs for the meet.

On the financial side of the form there are two lines that make a difference. The first one is the one labeled “Pool Costs”. If a club bids $0.00 on this line they are saying to Montana Swimming that to run a meet in their town, it will not cost Montana Swimming anything other than the $2500.00 that Montana swimming pays the host club and the cost of the awards. If it is not zero, this would be the amount that Montana swimming has to write a check to the club to host the meet. The club then pays for the pool for that meet. The club also gets the $2500.00 from Montana Swimming.

The next line is “Amount Paid by Host Team to Montana Swimming”. This would be the amount of the check that the host club would write to Montana swimming to host the meet. The host club would still receive a check from Montana swimming for the $2500.00. For example if this line reads $1500.00 then the host team would write a check to Montana Swimming for that amount and would also pay for the pool costs to run the meet. Montana Swimming would write a check to the host team for $2500.00 to host the meet. For example this would come into play if the host team had a sponsor or group of sponsors (like to that cities convention bureau) that would cover more than the pool costs for the meet in order to bring all the swimmers and their families to town for the swim meet. That extra amount over the cost to rent the pool would be a figure that the host team would guarantee to Montana Swimming to get the meet in their town.

In both of these scenarios Montana Swimming will be collecting all the meet registration fees and a portion of the out of town’s program ads that are sold.

Please remember that the host team gets all the concession money, the program money, the swim shop money and all the ad sales that the host team sells. They would have to insert the other ads from any club that also sells ads for that meet and all corporate sponsors ads.

We will be asking for all of the bid information before the  HOD meeting and will post them on the website for everyone to review.