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USA Swimming Forms  

USAS Registration

USA Swimming Forms

Each year swimmers must register with USA Swimming. Listed below are links to download PDF versions of the registration forms. Most athletes will need the full-season form only. (athlete_reistration.pdf) Seasonal registration forms are rarely used -- consult your coach or registration chair if you feel this option may apply to you. Also listed below is a non-athlete form for coaches, officials, etc.

Please send all completed forms and payments to the Montana Swimming Registration Chairperson, which is currently :
Lanni Jacobson
Lanni's contact information is:

Instructions for USAS Registrations:

Forms for USAS Registrations:

USAS Coach Registration Requirements

See updated Coach Registration Requirements for 2016 here (doc dated February 5, 2015)

See also - NEW Foundations of Coaching FAQ here (new as of 1-18-13)

Miscellaneous USAS Forms and Information

Other important forms and instructions may be accessed below:


USAS Safety Incidence Reporting

The Montana Swimming Safety Chair is Pam Harder email

Link to new online incidence reporting form -- onlineForm
downloadable Hardcopy form
Please use the online form whenever posssible. Use of the new online version of the incidence report will speed processing and efficiency in handling the report.
   Please use this form to report ANY Injury at ANY USAS sponsored event, including swim meets, swim-a-thons, and practices. Note that injuries to NON-USAS persons (spectators) should be reported with this form as well.
The form should be filled out and submitted by the meet manager or a team official, not the person involved in the injury.