Team Zones

Team Montana Zones Information

Team Montana Zone Coordinator: Toni Popp

Western Zones 2016

2016 Western Zone Age Group Championships 

August 10 - 13, 2016
at Kearns, Utah (Salt Lake City area)

THIS MEET IS FOR 14 and Under swimmers ONLY


2016 Western Zone Senior Championships

August 2-6, 2016

at the Clovis Swim Center in Fresno, CA


 Important Information Regarding Age Group Zones

Montana Swimming is putting together a team for the Western Zones Age Group Championships to be held in Utah in August!

  • Our goal is to have a minimum of 4 swimmers in each age group/gender (minimum 24 total).
  • Anyone with at least 1 zones time qualifies and is automatically on the team as long as their coach signs the coach authorization form and all other paperwork is submitted. Hard cut qualifiers are guaranteed 6 event entries.  If a swimmer qualifies for AG Zones during the 2015/2016 short course season or qualified at last summer's 2015 zones, please email Toni confirming participation on the team by deadline TBA.  
  • After the deadline (TBA), using Montana Swimming times database, Montana Swimming will calculate top swimmers' top 4 events using Power Points, as well as consider coach input, to sort for prospective athletes to be a member of Team Montana, even if no ZONE time is achieved.  Calls will be made and/or an email sent to swimmers/families/coaches by a date to be announced.  Commitment to join Team Montana in Utah will be expected by a date to be announced.  
  • Payment and all forms for Zones team members are due by June 10, 2016
  •  Swimmers who qualify with a zones time after June 10th automatically make the team and can get the application, coach's authorization, other necessary forms, and payment submitted to the zones coordinator upon qualifying.  
  •  Montana Long Course State Championships, held in Bozeman the last weekend in July,  is the last chance to qualify with a hard cut.  

Questions? Contact Mrs. Toni Popp at (406) 314-0553 or e-mail.




Senior Zones Links

Age Group Zones Links

2016 Senior Team Coaches:

Head Coach: Kirby Beierle (MYST)

Asst. Coach: Jay Friend (MAC)

  • 2016 Zones Information:
  • 2016 SR Zones Team Application:
  • 2016 Zones Reg. Med. C of C 
  • 2016 Senior Zone  Time Standards - PDF
  • 2016 SR Zone Meet Contract
  • 2016 SR Zones Uniform Order Form 
  • Clovis Swim Team Sr Zone website



2016 Age Group Coaches:

Head Coach: Jade Sobek (BOZ)

Asst. Coach:  Kyle Potter (MYST)



The Following Files are NOT for Zones Swimmers

If you are interested in officiating at either of these meets

fill out one of the following forms and return them per the instructions

Officiate at SENIOR Zones Officiate at AGE GROUP Zones

Application to Officiate at SENIOR Zones meet


Application to Officiate at AG zones meet




2017 Western Zone Meets

2017 Western Zone Age Group Championships will be in Roseville, California.

2017 Western Zone Senior Championships will be in Clovis, California.