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LSC Info  

  • Montana Swimming (LSC) is an administrative division of USA Swimming for the State of Montana, except Dawson and Wibaux counties and is one of 17 LSC’s that belong to USA Swimming’s Western Zone.
  • General Chair
     Tony Popp is the General Chair for Montana Swimming.


  • Membership/Registration Chair
    Lanni Jacobson is currently the membership/registration coordinator for MT Swimming. Send all your USAS Membership registration forms and questions to Lanni.
    Lanni's contact information is:
    Lanni Jacobson


  • Records Chair
    John Heryla is the Records Chair for Montana Swimming. You may email John at
    John is responsible for updating and maintaining all information regarding swim time records. If you believe you have set a new Montana Record during a meet, contact John and file the appropriate forms with him.
  • Zones Planning
      Lisa Keyes will be Chair for the Montana Swimming Zones Team.
    Lisa will be heading up the coordination of Team Montana for the 2015 Western Zones Age Group Championship competition which will be held in August in Maui, HI.  This years' Zones Senior Meet will be hosted in the Clovis Swim Center, in Fresno, CA.
  • Webmaster
    Susan Huckeby is currently maintaining the website for Montana Swimming. If you would like information posted on the site or if you have general comments or corrections, please email her at